Meet Dr. Don Elmore

My Journey To Chiropractic

During my childhood, I played soccer and football, starting at six and eight years old, respectively. These sports led to various rib injuries, with soccer causing broken ribs and football resulting in five fractures, two complete breaks, and two dislocated ribs, narrowly avoiding a life-altering catastrophe. Fast forward 14 years, I began experiencing significant neck and lower back pain. Despite an orthopedic surgeon’s inability to help, he recommended chiropractic care. Following a friend’s advice, I visited a chiropractor, where I made an astonishing discovery.

My persistent pain started fading within months, and after my initial adjustment, I began to feel a sense of normalcy. Over the subsequent two years, I experienced significant improvements in both my lower back and neck. What amazed me was that chiropractic care wasn’t solely about alleviating back and neck discomfort; it also reduced the impact of my allergies. Witnessing the transformative effects of chiropractic care on my health, I became certain that this was the healthcare field I wanted to pursue as a profession.

Learn More About Me

In 1993, I earned my industrial management degree from Clemson University and subsequently pursued a career in the manufacturing industry, with my most recent position being at Hitachi Electronic Devices. However, my professional journey took a significant turn when I gained acceptance to Sherman Chiropractic College in Spartanburg, SC, in 2001. Over the course of four years at Sherman, I delved into a comprehensive curriculum that covered subjects such as biochemistry, neuroanatomy, anatomy, human psychology, X-ray diagnosis, chiropractic adjusting techniques, and patient care. Following my graduation in 2004, I established my chiropractic practice in Greenville, SC.

I’m happily married to Beverly, and our family includes two children, Jonathan and Kathryn. We’ve prioritized their well-being from the very start, ensuring they received chiropractic care since birth, resulting in their excellent health and vitality. As for my own health, I maintain a regular exercise routine as part of my lifestyle. Incorporating healthy eating habits, staying well-hydrated, and receiving weekly adjustments allows me to sustain my passion and do what I love.